Tuesday, January 27, 2009

step up


"one thing about the ancient boards is that they are difficult to ride...and at first I was like "Oh god they are so hard to ride" but maybe there is something ok with being difficult... and then I looked at all the modern boards and all the modern boards are about making surfing easier and um I thought whats wrong with having a board that's really difficult to ride.. that just riding it across the wave shows alot of skill... um that is kind of falling off in surfing I think is the skill level"
Tom Wegener, Seaworthy

Monday, January 26, 2009

The cove

just flogged this from Malcolm Johnson...

Into the shire

Headed to the old stomping grounds to score a wave at the pass... scored some nice little peelers but wishing I'd humped the log over... dialer performing as it should... just would of preferred some little nose rides..

No trip into Northern NSW is complete without a vist to mighty Humble Pie shop..

I've always got to rock the thai chicken...

point breaks

After three years of mainly surfing horrible little close out beach breaks my soul has been set free in the land of right hand point breaks....its nice to finaly get to unwrap some more of the speed dialers secrets on some long walls...

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Up in SE Qld at the mo... moving around abit so only rolling with two boards... It was a hard choice but I thought the speed dialer and the 6'3" pintail should cover the bases.... time will tell... miss my log already....

A fine man

out of NZ, just desperate for some quality waves, but sad to leave behind some good friends... quint and hamish you are last of the good guys, surf on brothers