Saturday, November 14, 2009

Homemade Things..

Haven't blogged for a while cause I've been having far to much fun in the real world..

Handplanes.. uber fun.. shape and go..

Vege garden.. grow what you eat.. slow food..

Alaia's.. learn to trim and the smile will appear..

Homebrew.. brew what you drink.. cider and ale in the barrel.. ginger beer and stout bottled off.. summer sorted..


ras said...

damn. hella diy style going on round your way. how do the twist cap bottles work for beer? I used the standard metal caps and the brew shop loans out the capper. my first IPA is down to the last box. gotta work on a new brew this weekend.

walrus said...

Hey Ras, hope fatherhood is treating you well.. plastic bottles with twist caps are the go, I went down the glass bottle path a few years back and had nothing but drama's, never had a problem with twist caps.. try a stout next time, so rewarding to see that fine, heavy, white head.. stout winter, India Pale ale summer.. seasons sorted..

Mick said...

One of those bottles is mine!

...And guess who bought a couple of alaia blanks today?

walrus said...

Sweet Mick, We're having another Saturday arvo alaia shaping, bbq cooking, homebrew sipping, handplane trying, talking story sesh in three weeks.. all tools and brews supplied, bring your own meat, blanks and yarns..

Eef said...

good on ya! the boards look awesome!



Mick said...

Hey Tony thanks for the handplane mate. I've meant to call but the Chrissy thing is pretty stupid. Got good Bells today...hopefully you scored at some stage.. I reckon Corsair and Schanck would have been goers.
Merry Xmas

Brett Caller said...

I love the hand boards how good is the body surf.